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New York City if filthy. To battle the grime of playgrounds, subways and pigeon poop-filled sidewalks, this mama keeps hand soap everywhere. I want no excuses when it we arrive home and it's time to wash hands. Since every bathroom is supplied with bubbles, I reason that the soap dispenser might as well be pleasing to my eye and enticing to the kidlets. Look at this gorgeous Mimosa Sun gel soap--it's as pretty as the wallpaper in my girl's bathroom from flavorpaper.

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That's where Method comes in handy (get it!). To celebrate the rinse, rather and repeat of parenting, Method has a new video:

The video resonates with my fun mom side, the ingredients in the soap cater to my protective mom side. Triclosan is found in many hand soaps, particularly antibacterial hand washes. Method considers triclosan to be a dirty ingredient and never uses it in any of their products (read more in this recent New York Times article). In fact, Method believes that hands can be thoroughly washed and cleansed with ordinary soap and chemicals. Triclosan is not only unnecessary, it'??s a potentially harmful chemical. Method uses naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients to get your hands squeaky clean and they replenish the skin with vitamin E and aloe. Making the cycle on non-stop washing a little less grueling, and the sublime fragrance options keep little noses happy. Check out the full line here

And the brand that knows about fun is also hosting a '??How Much Method Does It Take to Make A Rainbow?'? Facebook Guessing Contest.


Just like the '??guess-how-many-marbles-are-in-the-jar'? contests - this month Method is asking fans to guess how many bottles of Method hand soap it took to build that amazing awesome rainbow light installation in this month'??s video. The brainiac with the closest guess will win a $100 gift card to to stock up on method goodies AND, their very own rainbow of handwash (a set of 7 colorful method hand soaps).

Click here to LIKE Method and enter the contest.

Nine runner ups will win a $50 gift card. Fans can guess daily for more chances to win.
Contest ends June 28.

This is a sponsored post. We're totally stoked to be a Method Maven. Stop into my house any day and you'll see Method Hand Soap in every bathroom.

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