Mater'??s Junkyard Jamboree at Disneyland

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It was a quick trip, but after reporting on the premiere of Brave and seeing the movie People Like Us, our Brave Cars Land group headed to Disneyland to check out its many attractions, including Cars Land, a replica of Radiator Springs based on the popular Disney/Pixar movie, Cars.

I loved the Radiator Springs Racers ride, and after that fun experience we went to check out Mater'??s Junkyard Jamboree. While waiting online I loved checking out the "junkyard" posters and license plates randomly placed. After a short wait, Mommy Gaga and I experienced a a tractor-pullin' square dance where we whipped and spun around.

The music was also a lot of fun with its square-dance inspired tunes that features 7 original songs sung by Mater and performed by Billy Hill & the Hillbillies. The craftsmanship of the tractors, which I later learned all had different facial features, spots, mouths, and eye colors.

Perfect for families, this ride is lively, exciting and one of the many fun stops in the memorable Cars Land.

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This a review series that is a part of the Brave Cars Land Event we attended in Los Angeles.

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