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Maternity Beauty Tips

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Style-savvy moms see pregnancy as a time to shine. These days you'??re just as likely to see a baby bump on the red carpet as a pair of Manolos. What? You think it take a million bucks to look great while expecting. Think again. We'??ve found a collection of beauty products that will make you look great for the next nine months and beyond.

Celebrity baby watching can be a full time sport. It'??s enough to make moms with less than Kardashian budgets green with envy. But the experts at P&G Beauty gave me some great insider tips to share. From hair care to skincare and everything in-between, we'??ll help you get a glow on this summer.

Lustrous Hair
Many moms boast the thickest hair of their lives while pregnant. But that'??s not the only change. Many women see the texture and moisture levels change. Dr. Lefkowicz, Head & Shoulders'?? global dermatologist, indicates that these differences can be due to hormone changes or the stress that accompanies pregnancy. P&G works with these experts to make sure moms get products that deliver results.

In addition to maintaining a well-balanced diet and making sure moms-to-be get all necessary nutrients, you can pick a custom shampoo and conditioner to help your hair look its best.

Teca Lewellyn, P&G Beauty Scientist recommends switching your shampoo to account for the changes happening. She says, '??If hair tends to get dry, switch to a moisturizing shampoo, or if it becomes curly, try switching to a curls shampoo. Just pay attention to how your hair changes and work with it.'?

My issue was dry hair. Indeed, my tresses got thicker and also brittle. For moms like me, a shampoo like Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner can help restore hair to a shiny state. Head & Shoulders conditioners work synergistically with the corresponding line of shampoos to deliver a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Moms don'??t have time to wait for results. Fortunately, Head & Shoulders works fast'??you can expect results in just three shampoos. And if you'??ve noticed your skin getting more sensitive now that you'??ve got a baby on board, try the Ocean Lift. This conditioner provides a moisturized scalp free of sensitivities. The special sea mineral ingredient revitalizes the scalp and hair.

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Best Face Forward
I'??ve heard rumors that some women don'??t see a change in their skin with pregnancy. I don'??t know any of them first hand. My issue was additional breakouts. Though it was mild, I noticed. Other women suffer from dry patches or discoloration. Here'??s the good news: P&G Beauty Scientist Rosemarie Osborne reports that many of these effects will resolve at childbirth.
But what about the next nine months? You'??re going to need skincare solutions that work for you.

When it comes to chloasma, or discoloration, (also known as the mask of pregnancy'??but we really don'??t like that name) you can fight back. Chloasma shows up as brown patches that are typically symmetrically distributed on the face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, etc.). First step: Stay out of the sun and wear a great sunscreen on your face.

Next step: Fix the damage. To help keep your facial skin looking great from pregnancy and beyond, try Olay RegeneristMicro-Sculpting Cream. This '??super cream'? helps to restore the volume and shape of the skin'??s surface cells smoothing the skin and restoring elasticity.

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Show Off Those Legs
Your midsection may be growing, but you'??re legs are likely still shapely and sexy. Summer is a great time to show them off in a short maternity dress. To keep your legs looking hot, try the newest collaboration'??the Venus & Olay Razor.

For the first time ever, Gillette Venus, a global leader in female shaving, and Olay, a global leader in skincare, are coming together to deliver a gold standard in shaving with the new Gillette Venus & Olay razor. With five blades combined you know you'??ll get a close shave (good thing, because shaving gets tricky!)'??thankfully this handle is easy to grip.

And here'??s the bonus: The razor is loaded with Olay lotion to help lock-in moisture for less dryness and a smooth shave.

We love the idea of moms getting used to multi-tasking. Because life is about to get busier (in the best possible way!)--this razor allows you to save time. The blade hugs your curves for a more comfortable shave and fewer missed hairs, even over tricky shaving areas like knees and ankles. Grab a great pair of wedge heels and head out on a romantic, pre-baby date.

Get a Glow Fast
We know you don'??t have time to spend hours in front of the mirror. But we think you'??ve got a few minutes to put a fresh pretty glow on. Thanks to Cover Girl moms and moms-to-be can get an effortless look in minutes.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Bailey recommends looking for products that are multi-taskers like the COVERGIRL + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation. We agree'??this product is so easy to sweep on and thanks to the Olay serums the foundation won'??t dry up. One pump instantly covers discolorations, lines and wrinkles'??that'??s the kind of results moms need.

In less than 30 seconds you can apply a full face of liquid foundation. Start with a dime size dollop and rub between your palms. Then blend over your face and neck thoroughly the same way you would apply a lotion. Viola! Instant glow.

Next step: add some color. Save time and do your lips and cheeks simultaneously with a sheer lipstick. TIP: Look for one just a shade brighter than your natural lip color. I opt for a sheer formula since I don'??t have to be too precise. I gloss a light rosy pink on my lips and then I lightly dot the lipstick into the apples of both cheeks and blend in with my fingertips.

And I never, ever leave the house without whipping out my eyelash curler and a swipe of mascara. Total time spent? Less than 5 minutes and I'??m out the door with a pretty, polished look.


Armed with simple tips and the right beauty products we know you'??re going to glow through this pregnancy. Now smile and don'??t forget to take pictures of this special time.

This is a sponsored post. We weren't given a script, but we were given some excellent resources to share with you.

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