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There are two schools of thought on wrapping gifts. First, there are those who spend time on each package as if the presentation was the gift'??razor-sharp 45-degree angle paper folds, completely rubbed down Scotch tape, ribbon color-matched to the paper'??s accents then scissor-curled for twirly edges, and of course something fun dangling (like holly sprigs or mistletoe) from the ribbon with a To-From tag. Gorgeous.

Then there'??s school two. Wrap it like they'??re going to rip it. Practical.

I'??m an honor student in school two. Don'??t get me wrong. I don'??t put a present in a paper bag with a twisty tie. I neatly wrap each present, but I don'??t go crazy with details that make it look like it should be in a photo shoot. To me, when I get a nicely wrapped present, I feel badly I'??m going to mess up that person'??s hard work. And who wants to feel badly when they'??re getting a present?

I used to think that way...until I was introduced to Martha Stewart new holiday collection of Wrap & Ship papers, bags and such. With this collaboration with Avery, there are so many easy ways to make your present beautiful, it only takes a second. There are color-coordinating boxes and festive satin ribbons to create lovely packages. The gift bags and hanging tags in Christmas prints such as candy canes, stockings and snowflakes put a smile on your face as you fill them up with gifts and tuck in the coordinating brightly colored tissue paper. One of my favorite packs is full of sparkly snowflake To-From circle stickers. They are so handy - just stick them on and fill them out.

By now you should have finished your shopping (if not, step away from the computer and get thee to a mall). This means your next step is packing up your sleigh with things to ship. Some of the best items in this collection are the lovely holiday print padded envelopes, shipping paper (yes, paper that is durable enough to ship) and packing tape. They are pretty enough to go from UPS to under their tree. With four packages we send to other states in the same ugly brown taped boxes every year, I was so happy to see beautifully done wrapping beyond those cheezy boxes from the USPS.

As it turns out I can be decorative without taking an art class. But make no mistake...I'm still in school two. I do think I'm going to try to take a couple of classes at the other school this season though. Who knows? I might even transfer next semester.

The Martha Stewart collection is only available at Staples stores and online at staples. com.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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