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Husbands are good for many things. Other than the obvious, mine is good for his special drink, computer fixin'?? (yes, I married a computer geek), and finding the best and most unique paper products to organize your day. The man has index cards, clip boards, notebooks with regular paper, notepads with graph paper, files, etc. He'??s also quite obsessed with pens. Right now, I'm looking at about 30 over in his cup by the backdoor. Ball point, tri-color, felt tip both skinny and thick.

With these pens and on this paper he writes...things. I have zero idea what he writes, but he's always writing things. At first I thought they were to-do lists, but whatever he'??s writing doesn'??t seem to get him to take out the trash or scoop the liter box any quicker. But I leave him be. And occasionally I steal a cool booklet or smoothly writing pen.

Now he'??s coveting my new discbound notebooks from Martha Stewart Home Office. He keeps looking over at them and all their colorful glory. This collaboration with Avery just launched in November at Staples. They're beautiful discbound notebooks perfect for organizing your day'?¦or writing random sonnets/home improvement plans/haiku/to-do lists as my husband does.

Hubby had introduced me to the concept of discbound notebooks a couple of years ago. What makes them unique is that the notebooks contain specially punched paper held together by small discs. This puts them somewhere between binder-meets-notebook since it's so simple to add, remove, and rearrange pages. This is huge when you need flexibility to organize your day and, at the end of it, your notebook.

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Another favorite detail of mine on the Martha Stewart Home Office is the elastic closure that fits around the edges to keep your notebook closed. No need to have all your stuff spilling out. You can also personalize your notebook with accessories like task pads, calendar pages, planner pockets, and colorful tabbed subject dividers that you can write, erase and reuse.

They come in two sizes (9.5'? x 11.5'? and 6'? x 8.5'?). I have the smaller one in my purse for writing down story ideas, contact info I run into during my out-and-out time, and must-do things that pop into mind. The larger one I keep at home for more home-base things like grocery shopping lists and daily tasks. Then when you want to pull to out a piece to trash it, there's no battling with binder rings or decorating your floor with little strips of leftover ripped paper that get caught in the spirals.

Regardless of what my husband writes in his, he had better keep his hands off of mine. And his pens.

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery is available exclusively at Staples.

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