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Mama Doc: Fantastic Products for the Mama-to-Be


Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life, but it can also be an uncomfortable one. Like most women, I also experienced a list of ailments that were particularly difficult towards my last trimester. I recently discovered Mama Doc, a company that sells practical pregnancy products - providing women with relief and the support that their body needs to get through these nine months.


Created by Dr. Somi Javaid and Kim Howell, Mama Doc offers a variety of essentials for pregnancy and post pregnancy to make mama more comfortable. Their best selling product, the Belly Upit, is a support belt that provides ease to the lower back and hips. Fit with a built-in pocket for a ice or heat, the Upit is uniquely designed to follow the pelvic curve that can make everyday pregnancy life easier. Made from Bamboo Fabric, this innovative pregnancy belt can also be used post-pregnancy and turned around to ease an soreness from a C-section as well as used for sciatic nerve relief, reducing leg pain as well.

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Additionally, they offer an amazing collection of compression socks called PregHose. Designed to apply gentle pressure necessary to keep swelling down, these socks are also extremely comfortable socks thanks to its moisture wicking from bamboo. I wore them post-pregnancy and I loved how they ease leg pain and are breathable to prevent overeating. Available in tan or black, they are also anti-fungal and designed to keep swelling down.

Pregnancy isn't easy, but products and resources from Mama Doc make the entire experience more comfortable and easier to manage thanks to their innovative line.

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