Make Meaning Glitter Tattoo Review

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Our daughter has figured out her first tattoo she wants. Editor's note: She's almost 6, so this won't be for a very long time.

It'??s a tuba. Don'??t ask. She doesn'??t play a tuba. She'??s never held a tuba (not that she could...she's only 44lbs and the average tuba is 31 to 40lbs). She'??s seen one in an orchestra pit once during a classical music performance, but that'??s about the extent of her tuba notions. Things like this I let go and don'??t question. She wants a tuba, she can have a tuba someday.

I also don'??t question her early desire to have a tattoo. They'??re everywhere. On people she doesn'??t know (like our mailman). On people she does know (like me). In every gift bag she'??s ever gotten from a kid'??s party (of course those are the ones that wash off).

So "ink" it up, little lady. And do it with some pizzazz with Make Meaning'??s newest glitter tattoo line. Make Meaning is already a hot spot known for the over 50 other hands-on activities at their locations, such as creating scented candles and soaps, painting ceramics, decorating cakes, designing jewelry and glassware and much more. Now they offer this little box of fun, full of everything you need to make sparkly water resistant glitter tattoos that can last up to a week.

The Glitter Tattoo Kits feature dozens of unique stencils and color combinations. In four quick steps you can stencil glitzy designs. You get four glitter dusts in colorful blue, red, pink, and green, one non-toxic glitter glue, 12 self-adhesive stencils and two brushes. The stencils are everything a kid would want, from sweet hearts and lovable peace signs, to puppy paws and prancing unicorns. Don't forget the cherries, crowns, frogs and shooting stars.

Sadly, there are no tubas but we might attempt to free-hand one. That will be music to her ears.

Make Meaning'??s Glitter Tattoo Kit is $17.99 and is available at Make Meaning stores. Visit for a list of locations.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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