Cute Luna Leggings for Girls

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Let's just get something right out in the open. If it was fashion forward (or even appropriate at the very least) for me to wear tights with huge butterflies or carrots on them, I would. I love cutesy patterned leg wear. Sure there are grownup tights with patterns - paisleys, stripes, fishnets. But these can sometimes be tough to wear - mostly because they can make legs look heavier than they are. As if a giant fruit salad on your legs wouldn't.

So I live vicariously through my daughter, who has some of the craziest yet prettiest tights. And now one of those tights is from Luna Leggings. Their collections are just lovely - sinuous blades of grass, luscious berries, snappy carrots and tree limbs reaching up to the sky.

And these aren't just fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants cheaply made leg wear, like most kids' tights and leggings can be. They're made of high-quality organic cotton that is ultra-soft and long-lasting. And I mean, shockingly good quality. They're very tightly knit but yet move with my daughter's never-stand-still legs. She has the lovely Butterfly footless tights from their new fall 2012 collection. A few of my other favorite patterns are the Night Owl footless (the green ones shown above) and Moon footed tights. For your extra girly girl, they also have cute tights with attached tutus.

Their materials come from a small, family-run knitting company in Rajasthan. The founders of Luna Leggings have spent time with the owners, their children and grandchildren, and even shared meals at their home in India. So this is more than just a production business arrangement. This is a close bond across continents. There's also serious thought and emotion put into the cotton used for these whimsical leggings - it's accredited by all International Organic Certification standards including the Global Organic Textile Standard. Luna decreases their footprint, so to speak, by using recycled packaging and paper products and soy-based inks.

So until they have grownup sizes, I will watch my daughter frolic in her Luna Leggings. Whether she's dancing in the moonlight or romping through the fields of flowers, I'm happy just the same.

Luna Leggings are available at for girls ages 0 to 8, with prices starting at $29.

Check out Luna Leggings here

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