Love, Loss, and What I Wore


A night out is a rare,but ridiculously enjoyable part of being a parent. It can be challenging to coordinate but once I get out and even dress up, it is amazing how refreshed I feel to have some quality time with my husband. We recently had the chance to do just when we had the opportunity to check out a dynamic off-Broadway play called Love, Loss and What I Wore. Hosted by Bounce, the dryer-sheet company, a small group of bloggers were black clothing to watch this thoughtful and fun play.


Highlighting the complexity of women through a series of intimate monologues, Love, Loss, and What I Wore not only discussed clothing, but went deeper to connect the memories and emotions that they trigger covering cancer, divorce, children, parents, gay relationships and of course style. Told through a rotating cast, I had the chance to see Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island), Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Alexandra Silber, Robin Strasser (One Life to Live) and Zuzanna Szadkowski whose roles changed with each monologue that had them go through a wave of emotions, laughter and tears that takes audience members on a journey of personal confessions.

Written by Delia and Nora Ephron and based off of Ilene Beckerman's best-selling book, the stories were beautifully acted that took audience members on a wave of emotions from talking about wearing black to how a women's bag is a complete mess. I loved how the actors were not only raw in their emotions, but also intense in their emotion that had them seated the entire time without a set or even blocking. It was a unique experience that allowed the audience to see up close the emotional range and deep of all of the characters.


As a part of this night out, we were also able to interview the cast. They spoke about their bond onstage as well as the complexity of having to sit during their entire performance. Alexandra Silber spoke of how this helps her stay to evoke raw (and very real) emotions, while Dawn Wells spoke about how much fun and intimate the theater experience is. With 1,015 performances, I was honored to be able to check out the play before it closes in March.


As for the wardrobe - I was excited to wear my black Dessy Dress, a wrap dress that can be worn and configured into several styles. Available in over 20 colors and retailing at $140, I was drawn to the black and it's luxurious matte jersey feel that could change into a full length dress, twist into a halter, go sleeveless or even strapless. I choose a configuration with sleeves, along with a simple scarf that I felt showcased my mood and style for the evening.

At the event, I also had the chance to check out some of the new product line from Bounce including The Bounce Dryer Bar. This innovative system attaches to the inside of a dryer in order to automatically freshens every load of laundry. Available in Outdoor Fresh and Fresh Line, I'm sure moms will really appreciate the convenience - especially since you don't have to add a dryer sheet every single time you do laundry.

Hearing stories about women from various generations was an incredible way to enjoy a night out while also confidently showing off some style.

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Momtrends was given a gift card and play tickets to attend this event. Thanks, Bounce!

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