LOFT Concept Store


That's me with @LOFT LOFT Trend Director Alia-Ahmed Yahia. On Thursday night before my date with the Mr. I hopped on the F train to see the new LOFT concept store at Rock Center (at 49th).

What's a concept store? Well, it's the spot where you can get inspired by all the best LOFT has to offer. The store has an amazing assortment and groups clothing in inspiring ways so you can build a fresh look without have to scour the store. Now what about Alia? Does she get paid just to be tall and gorgeous? Nope.

As she describes it her job it to "bring style and fashion ideas to the table that real women can embrace! Finding that balance between runway and real life in an affordable way is one of my passions." If you want to know why LOFT is looking more relevant than ever you might give her credit. But back to the store. From shoes to accessories, you'll find everything you need in one great creative space. It's like a big pinterest board.

I chatted up Alia who was wearing an amazing Maxi dress and we agree that Ikat is the trend of summer. Buy it ladies! Here are the shorts I picked up and the pants I wanted:

ikat short
ikat pant

And I picked up an amazing metallic top for a steal ($49.50)--I might not love this trend next year, but I love it for under $50!

metallic top

And don't get me started on the genius accessories. They had the coolest translucent sunnies priced 2 for $34! Plus bangles to color you arm and necklaces to give your basic tees a pop!

loft necklace

What a swell event! My wardrobe is recharged and I know where to go when I need my next fashion infusion.

Nicole is proud to participate in the LOFT GIRLS program. I provide fashion feedback and advice in return I get invited to amazing events and gifted amazing clothing.

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