Little Pim: New Language Books for Kids


I am amazed by how quickly children can pick up languages. What is a struggle for adults seems almost effortless as many children are becoming bilingual. In fact, according to scientific research, babies, toddlers and preschoolers are equipped to learn one or more languages without a problem. I am seeing this firsthand with my daughter who comes home from Pre-K singing songs and recalling numbers in both German and Spanish. I really want to take advantage of what Little Pim, the creators of language DVDs call a " brief window" through early language immersion. At home, we have been using the Little Pim Spanish DVDs where my daughter has been enhancing her vocabulary while learning about concepts and words like eating, drinking, playtime and waking up.

In addition to their interactive DVD line, also available inItalian, Chinese, German, English, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian, Little Pim recently released a new book series where kids can learn new vocabulary words through a beautiful blend of illustrations and photographs, as well as flaps and pull tabs to keep readers engaged.

The book line includes Little Pim Colors and Little Pim Feelings  both of which are written in English along with Spanish and French words so that you can read along and repeat the phrases to your child. My daughter loved the Colors series where she has been enhancing her vocabulary by learning the various colors and objects in Spanish through an fun hide-and-seek story featuring the adorable Little Pim. She also really loves the Feelings book, which also features cool illustrations, photographs and interactive flaps in English, Spanish and French. This book also includes questions where kids have to figure out if a child in the book is happy, sad, shy, or angry while also learning about words in other languages associated with emotion and expression.

Created by award-winning filmmaker (and mom) Julia Pimsleur Levine, Little Pim is a fantastic series for young children where they can start to learn new words and concepts in a fun and visually pleasing way.

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