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Lila Mae: Responsibly Made in the USA

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We are always on the hunt for stylish and functional products, and personally I have been looking to minimize the amount of bags I carry by switching over to a laptop sleeve. I found the perfect case from Lila Mae, a new, online shopping destination that features a collection of sophisticated, sustainable, small-batch goods for men, women, children and the home, created by 70 independent manufacturers and artisans from 31 states in the USA. This also includes products that are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

For my computer, I have been using the chic Alchemy Goods Laptop that is made from used bicycle inner tubes. I love how durable and sturdy this makes the case and how it comfortably fits my computer and its various wires. It is also has a cool recycled look and a lot of character given that it comes from old tubing. It is also great for men or women that is made right in Seattle, Washington.


In addition to the laptop bag, Lila Mae offers a full range of chic giftables and essentials including skin and body care, accessories for men and women, jewelry, fragrance, baby clothing, toys and bedding, home decor, table top, and luxury food items, seasonally. In the coming months, the site will also carry one-of-a-kind, vintage, midcentury furniture and artwork. Products are priced between $25 to $350 with some items (furniture, art) ranging from $500 to as much as $8,000.

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"Lila Mae is a solution for shoppers who are looking for unique, high-quality, American-made items that are healthy for our bodies, our minds, and the natural resources we all share," says Heather French, co-founder. Through her work as a brain integration therapist, French experienced first hand the impact of toxins on her clients' ability to focus and process information. As a result, she began to search for products that would help support their healing. "I wanted the families I was working with to surround themselves with goods that would help them thrive," adds French.

Similarly, co-founder Ryan Dempsey Argentieri's personal health challenges, coupled with her background in international business, human rights and environmental sustainability prompted a curiosity about responsibly made items produced in the U.S. where manufacturing practices can be verified with increased certainty. "Heather and I found that although these products are in high demand, they were very difficult to find," adds Argentieri. Argentieri also witnessed the growth of the manufacturing industry overseas and wondered how the United States might level the playing field.

Along with a commitment to an eco-friendly way of life, at the heart of Lila Mae is an unwavering patriotism through its support of small, independent, U.S.- based brands. "At Lila Mae, we think of the United States as one big community," says French "And with each purchase, we are helping our nation prosper as well as bolstering the livelihood of our neighbors - whether they live around the corner or across the country."

In addition to its diverse selection of goods, the Land of Lila blog will feature original editorial content covering a wide range of topics centered on health and wellness, the environment, style and American culture. "We like to think of Lila Mae not just as a place to buy a unique gift or stock-up on your favorite skin-care products, but also as a community where we can educate, guide and inspire consumers to embrace the ideals on which the site was founded", explains Argentieri, "and to celebrate the country in all its richness and diversity.'?

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given samples.

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