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Get the scoop on Hollywood's baby boom! Lifetime Moms share the latest a-listers on bump watch.


One of our favorite NYC moms, Carol Cain head out to swimsuit shop with confidence. Carol encourages all moms sizes 2 to 22 to "ignore those voices and the negative chatter in your head! I know that if you open your mind to it you too will see a beautiful woman staring back at you, past the whispering messages of contradiction, past the effects of fluorescent lighting, past your own rejections. It'??s not easy, I know, but we have to start loving who we are at some point and why not right then, when you buy your next bathing suit? Take on bathing suit season with your head held high, because the beautiful you is waiting to be discovered and she wants you to find a rocking bathing suit to flaunt her."


And finally the weather is sending us mixed messages, is it winter or spring? To see you through this weird weather, Kristin Swenson has the perfect outfit solution.

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