Lifetime Moms' Highlights


We check in on to keep on some of our favorite style writers. This month, we've picked a few choice style posts to share with you. Mom-to-be Kristen Swenson, gives expecting moms fashion tips for ringing in the new year. Hint: It's all about the accessories!


Kristen also weighs in (oh, bad pun) about how to dress post-baby without neglecting your style or going on a crash diet to fit back into your skinny jeans immediately.


Our delightfully stylish friend, Audrey had a few good suggestions on how to add sparkle to your New Year's Eve wardrobe. Check out her picks here.


And finally, we simply had a good set of giggles with Erika cut loose on the Kardashian's tacky holiday card. Sure making fun of the Kardashians is going for the easy A, but still this was fun to read. Thanks to all the stylish moms at Lifetime who make the site so much fun to visit.

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