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Lifetime moms never let's us down when it comes to juicy conversations. It's time for our monthly recap and we're sharing the posts that had us talking. But let's start with a cool contest that will give one lucky reader a $5000 shopping spree. Biz is teaming up with Lifetime for a Boost Your Style Contest--click here to find out more.

Style blogger, Jennifer Brandt is having some underwear issues and we feel her pain as she ponders breaking up with Spanx.

This week we met supermodel Paulina. She was a 90s icon along with Cindy Crawford. Well, now mama Cindy has cleared the catwalk for her daughter. The 10 year-old made her modeling debute. Do you think these pictures are too "mature" get the scoop from Melissa Kagan


Angela Chee weighs in on the topic of spa parties for little girls. Are we training our girls to value beauty over brains? Angela shared, "I was at a dinner party this weekend with a mom of a 1st grader who said her daughter'??s friend was upset that a boy didn'??t like her and she was concerned about being too fat and not pretty enough. That scares me that these insecurities and types of conversations start at such a young age." Read the full essay here.

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