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We've all seen them. Whenever one of them catches my eye, I almost hear Carmina Burana's O Fortuna playing. I'm speaking of those medical forms tucked into your child's school mailbox...the ones let you know that someone in his/her class has...lice.

Whenever this happens in our daughter's school, I immediately rush to her side, comb in hand, to pick through her little head of hair in a panic. Please, don't let this be the time that she decides to follow her classmates.

Luckily that hasn't been the case yet. Not that I'm comparing kid to dog (OK, maybe I am), but our dog got fleas from a doggy daycare center a few years ago. It took forever for them to go away. And all those harsh chemicals we used in our process. You would have thought we were staging chemical warfare on the insect world. I guess we kinda were because these things were not easy to kill. Lice, fleas. Rotten tomato, rotten tomato.

Should our daughter ever need it, we're definitely not interested in solving any lice problem with all those toxic treatments. If you've ever wondered why those chemical gels and toxic shampoos kill lice in seconds, it's because they use powerful pesticides. And besides, lice have been reported to be building up a resistance to these treatments anyway. Why subject our daughter to something that might hurt her but not them?

LiceGuard Repellent Hair Spray

When a good friend introduced me to the new Lice Guard system, I wasn't exactly waiting excitedly to try it. But at least I knew that I would be ready should I ever need it. TheRobi Comb is a safe lice killer that's non-toxic and pesticide-free. In a seek-and-destroy mission, without chemicals, gels, mess, and smell, Robi Comb detects and destroys lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the electronic comb touches lice, they get zapped, die and are combed out of the hair. Yes, this is a bug zapper for your kid's head. Genius.

Also, a big help for crossing (and burning) the bug bridge is their repellent spray. Just one application will provide all day protection against head lice, exactly what you need when who see the piece of paper in that mailbox. The patented formula is made with natural ingredients like that repel lice. Quick daily sprays protects against the transfer of lice from other kids, hats, coats, and helmets.

So bring it, bugs. Or not. Actually don't bring it. Just stay on that other kid's head. Thanks.

LiceGuard is available at for $24.95 for the Robi comb and the spray for $12.50.

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