LG iPod Dock for the Holidays


My husband is hardest person to shop for on my list. He is the type of person that could go years without a new pair of jeans, and doesn't have a desire for "stuff" - unless something is broke. However, he does love his tech products so I have been doing my research trying to find him something unique and functional for the holidays. With two little ones we don't sleep in anymore, but some days the girls sleep in until 7:00am where he has to set his alarm instead of there high-energy squeals to start the day. This usually involves his iPhone alarm to get him ready for the day, and I discovered the perfect holder with the LG iPod Dock that will allow him to use their alarm clock as well as his music.

The beauty of the LG iPod Dock allows for crystal clear sound quality where all you have to do is insert your iPhone or iPod to play your music. This also allows you to charge and play your music as well as additionally functionality via the bluetooth remote app where you can quickly shuffle through songs, skip and rewind with the click of a button.

In addition to the functionality, I also love the sleek and modern design that features a simple white interface with a digital display of the time. While it also tells time, the LG iPod Dock also functions as an sharp alarm system. It is also a great gift for both men or women since it serves as a mini stero system - making it ideal for parties, casual evenings at home or dance parties with the kids.

For more information, please visit: http://www.lg.com/us/ipod-docking-stations/lg-ND3520

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