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LevelUp is a way to pay with your phone and save. That's it. Plain and simple. I downloaded the app and the directions were clear and concise. After you register and enter your credit card information, LevelUp creates a unique QR code for you. Not only do you have the convenience of being able to pay from your phone, you also receive discounts at participating restaurants. Dining while saving? How cool is that?

level up How It Works (2)

LevelUp allows you to search for local restaurants that accept LevelUp and it gives you a map to show where it is located and access to the restaurant's website. As you make return visits to a restaurant, you begin to unlock credit. At this time, LevelUp is available in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

So, you may be thinking, who is LevelUp for? While at a participating restaurant with my three girls in tow, I realized it was for me - a mom who finds it challenging to get to her purse while holding her 22-month-old and making sure her two older ones are standing by. All you need to do is hold your phone up to the Level Up phone at the register and it scans immediately. It even allows you to add the appropriate amount of a tip. It is also for those who are working and might run out during a lunch break. No need to worry about your bag. Just have your phone and you are ready to pay. LevelUp is convenient, saves you money and time and easy-to-use, now that's something any savvy mom can appreciate!

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 Kerri G. is a not only a teacher, wife and writer but a full time working mom of three savvy ladies. You can read about her adventures in traveling, fashion and money sense at Raising Three Savvy Ladies.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a credit to try out Level Up.

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