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Learning All About Real Salt

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Before I meet with the Real Salt I had no idea there was actually a difference in this all-time favorite flavoring. However, I quickly learned that some salts may contain anti-caking agents, dextrose (sugar) and even stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt, however, has been produced in its natural state in Redmond, Utah since 1959 with no chemicals, additives or heat processing. This is reflective in its unique pink flecks that are the result of 60 naturally occurring trace minerals as well as a distinctive flavor that is unlike any salt out there.

Featuring several salt varieties from a fine shaker to a fine pouch, Real Salt also offers Organic Garlic, Organic Season and Organic Onion Shaker to add natural flavorings to any type of food. I loved the crisp and natural taste of the salt as I quickly learned the difference between Real Salt and commercial-grade salt. I also really appreciated the heritage behind the brand that is committed to educating the public about salt as well as producing a product that is free of chemicals or additives.

Their sister company, Redmond Clay, also sells natural body and beauty products such as Redmond Clay, First Aid Hydrated, Facial Mud Hydrated, Baby Power, and various vitamins. I tested out the Redmond Clay and I loved how gentle it felt as it tightened my skin. Containing natural bentonite, this clay was an incredible treat at the end of the day as it nourished and healed my skin. They also sell a natural toothpaste called Earthpaste featuring Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt as well as a Bath Salt through the Redmond Bath Salt company.

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Whether you are looking to flavor your food or nourish your skin, Real Salt and its sister companies offers an incredible collection of natural products that are not processed or chemically treated.

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