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My daughter is at age when her curiosity is spiking. She has always been curious, but recently I have noticed that she questioning everything and is excited to learn. After I put my baby to bed we let her stay up a little later so that we can have what we call "special time" together. Essentially this is where the focus is all about her and we work on craft projects, or most recently learning about words, simple math concepts and facets of the complex human body. To help me along we have been using LeapFrog and their Tag reading system along with their Tag'?¢ Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack.

During our precious time together, we plop on the couch and go through this interactive story where we go page-by-page and learn all about the various systems of the human body. After combing through the simple directions we then looked through the book and learned about the symbols and how a big star means game, a small one means level 1, two stars means level 2, and stop is a square symbol. With a gentle tap of the Tag Learning System via the star symbol, my daughter was given information about each body system (digestion, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory and circular, and nervous) to learn more about the parts and how each one works. We started at the Skeletal System, which she understood was the bones. I loved how the Tag reader described in detail how the skeletal system supports the body and protects the organs that was lightly accompanied by a matching game that I helped her out with.

We also explored the Muscular System where we learned how the muscles worked - by finding which muscles help you hold a pencil or blink your eyes. As a guided system, it was fun to engage with her as she was learning something new and excited to want to learn more about.

Her favorite system was the Digestive System where she was able to choose a food (her favorite being pasta) and use the Tag reader to drag in through the digestive track. Along the way she learned all about the path of food from the mouth through the rectum. Through the Respiratory System she followed the path of oxygen through the mouth and nose as facts were spoken. The Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack also included fun games about Making Healthy Choices were my daughter had to answer questions about nutrition, health and her body through a circular game board.

She also really loved the 'Inside Your Body' section where she tapped on the various body parts and learned all about the brain, trachea, liver, lungs, pancreas, stomach, skin, large intestine, etc. The kit also comes with interactive stickers of the various body systems and an interactive growth chart with stickers that could be used with the Tag reader. She really loved the growing body section that included songs about washing your hands , exercise, and brushing your teeth.

All-in-all the system includes 300+ responses and 40+ activities that will have your child excited to learn all about their body. I loved that this interactive tool allowed us both to work together - that was by no means a passive play thing - but rather a modern tool for learning, play, discovery and reading.

Check out this fun video about the Human Body system:

I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LeapFrogTag #spon

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