Le Tote: A New Idea for the Busy Mom


Le Toteis the perfect solution mom's looking to keep up with new trends while staying within their budget, as well as busy mom's on the go! 

For just $49 a month, Le Tote gives access to an unlimited designer quality wardrobe where consumers can '??rent'? full looks with the ability to swap looks as often as they like. While other sites offer similar concepts, Le Tote is the first to offer unlimited looks for an affordable monthly fee, with no return dates or late fees!

The LE TOTE service is simple. New members will receive styled looks on their doorstep after completing a quick style profile. Personalized and ready to wear, the tote will always include two accessories and three garments which can be enjoyed as long as members want. Ready for new looks? Simply return the items in your tote and the new looks will be delivered.

For more information, please visit: https://letote.com/

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