Layla Maternity Bodysuit by H.O.L.D. Couture


It is a wonderful and joyous time when a woman is pregnant and carrying a child. But I would say first hand it is not an easy task. Many health factors come to play during pregnancy especially on our bodies. For me and like most women, I always have major back problems when I am pregnant. According to studies if back pain is not treated during pregnancy, it could lead to reoccuring back problems after pregnancy.

Layla Maternity Bodysuit

I recently had the chance to try out the Layla Maternity Bodysuit by H.O.L.D. Couture. The Layla is designed to strengthen muscles, while improving posture, circulation and overall energy. The benefits of the Layla bodysuit are achieved by using built in technology such as tension specific posture bands, copper-infused fibers to invigorate and tone muscles, breathable soft fabrics, and a full front zipper for easy wear. The bodysuit is made to naturally cure pain and improve posture during and after pregnancy.

After trying on the bodysuit, the Layla gently pulled back my shoulders and opened my chest while bringing my body into correct alignment. It was a little tough getting use to wearing a bodysuit under your clothing but I felt as if everything was pulled in and supported. I would definitely wear this bodysuit through the next five months of my pregnancy, but not just everyday, as some of my outfits were hard to put over the suit.

What is so great about the Layla is that after birth the Layla Post Maternity bodysuit will make everything in your wardrobe fit better by toning and shaping. Both products range in size from extra small to extra large. Bodysuits cost $129 and are offered in colors of black, nude, and white.

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Momtrends received a samples of the Layla Maternity Bodysuit for the purpose of this review.

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