Lands' End Swim for Girls

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Testing swimwear is easy at this house. Our girls are always up for splash down. We've been outfitting them in Lands' End for years. This season the selection is better than ever, and we were thrilled to get to pick a new print just in time for a summer water party.

Why do we rely on Lands' End? The swimsuits make it through the summer without disintegrating in the chlorine and lake water. They can stand up to rough wear and tear and the patterns are adorable. Plus, the suits are made for moms who don't want their girls to look like little harlots. I think bikinis are cute, but I also think little girls should be more concerned about being active and comfortable and less concerned about looking like the tabloid teen starlets.

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Lands' End gives us all the cute prints we crave, while also providing the right amount of coverage for this mom's taste. You can see my daughter was looking adorable in her suit and able to get in the action of a rooftop water fight in Brooklyn.

See the full girls collection here

And yes, there are plenty of boy's suits too. But we're all girls all the time in this family. That's why we picked the Girls' Gathered Side-tie One Piece Swimsuit (on sale now $24.99) available in regular and slim. Sizes Little Girl S 4, M 5-6, L 6X and Girls S 7-8, M 10-12, L 14, XL 16. UPF rating of 50 (the highest possible).

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Momtrends was not sponsored for this post though we do work with Lands' End regularly.

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