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I'm a girl who takes extra special care when it comes to her hair. I color it myself, and I like to get nice cuts with a relaxing blowout, which usually lasts for a few days. But when I come back down to earth, I remember that doing that even just getting a blowout each week can add up. With some revolutionary new products from KMS, I can get the fresh, blowout look on my own instead of in the salon.

I headed out to a beauty event which featured actual stylists from KMS salons around the globe and let one take a crack at doing something fabulous to my hair. Upon arriving, a hostess pulled me aside and I took a short quiz on her iPhone about my hair, likes, and dislikes. The app pulled some phrases based on my answers and boiled me down to some key words. This is my before shot:


At the event, I learned a few things: hair, no matter the length, texture, or color has endless possibilities -- and that stylists are like kids in candy stores when they get opportunities to play with someone's hair for the first time. They are akin to artists with a blank canvas and fresh new paints. Ideas flashed through my stylist's brain as he examined my scalp and lifted my hair and watched it fall, checking for volume and "lift potential."

After a spritz of water around my head and some KMS Hair Stay Style Boost Crackle Cream ($14) which, yes, actually crackles in your palm, my stylist was curling the ends of my hair and teasing out the top. He also applied KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray ($14), which is a dry shampoo with va-va-voom boosting power. A nip and a tuck and some bobby pins and voila! I got to rock this eye catching coif for the evening which earned me major style points:


Here's another view from the side----this is all my hair!


Not that I could pull this look off on my own, but I did realize that my hair has more possibilities than my usual straight, down look. Our favorite new product from the KMS line? The KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Primer Spray ($16), which decreases hair drying time.

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We did receive the hair style and a bevvy of KMS hair products.

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