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The annoying season of candy and junk food has begun. Even as I sit to write this, I have tossed my willpower carelessly to the side and opened a box of holiday popcorn balls with candy corn and caramel. And with my desire to eat crap instead of oranges, I'??m sure I'??ll end up getting sick (I can already put a large count on how many kids in our daughter'??s school have had strep already).

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It'??s too bad I couldn'??t find a way to put everything I need to get through this season into one area of the house. That would be clutch. And as it turns out, it actually is clutch. KLUTCHClub.

Nicole Pearl, founder of TheBeautyGirl.com, has created a monthly subscription service that helps you out with a variety of healthy and fitness products. For around $18 per month, you can look forward to more than $50 worth of products and services every month, such as tasty snacks, new workouts to try, and holistic body care regimens. There's even a version for the guy in your life, KLUTCHMen.

With every month comes a new box with a new theme. For instance, September was spa month. Members got a huge box full of gifts like Anatomy Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask, EBOOST Natural Energy Booster Mix, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Gloss, and Natural Vitality'??s Natural Calm Magnesium Powder. August was "health on the go," the perfect idea for vacation month.

As I shove another Tootsie Roll from trick or treating into my mouth, I truly appreciate this month'??s box (shown above). Call it a holiday survival kit, if you will. Since the next few months are filled with temptations, demanding relatives and a busy entertaining schedule, they've thoughtfully put together items to help you get through the holidays without gaining weight, losing your mind, or getting sick.

To keep you on your diet, they have items like Hungershield natural appetite control drink mix and tasty Good Greens (it's 100% of your daily fruit and vegetable serving in a chocolate chew - replace Halloween candy with this vitamin-packed treat). The DeVita Natural Eyeliner glams you up for holiday party and the Coromega Omega3+D Squeeze Supplement is helpful when you feel a cold coming on after a late night. And for blasting out the quick workout (or just tuning out annoying inlaws), they'??ve included a pair of Yurbuds, earbuds just for the ladies.

We all need a little down-time when surviving the holiday season and KLUTCHClub can help. The only thing missing is a flask of martinis or a bottle of a nice Merlot. Maybe they'll be in next month'??s box.

KLUTCHClub is available at klutchclub.com.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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