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Kids Get Fit Tips from Joy Bauer

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With back to school season upon us we have been thinking about ways to incorporate exercise into our routines during the school year. This is a big issue across the country since obesity has tripled in the past 30 years. This greatly affects our children who are now facing shorter expected lifespans than their parents. To learn more about this issue, Henkel, the parent company of Dial, Purex, Right Guard and more and health and fitness expert Joy Bauer hosted a fun webinar featuring tips on how the entire family can get fit (see tips below) and improve the health and fitness of an entire generation.

During the webinar, I also learned about Henkel's partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generationfor the Henkel Helps Get Kids Fitprogram. To encourage healthy eating and daily fitness, they are hosting the Henkel Helps contest, a programencourages parents, educators and community members to nominate their local school by answering a fundamental question:

How could $25,000 be used to improve fitness, inspire self-esteem and build teamwork at your school? 

This also includes a discussion of how your school will stay fit and commit to fitness. Finalists will receive a video camera to create a video that brings to life the health and fitness issues facing their school and their plan for using the $25,000 prize where the winning school will then receive $25,000 in fitness cash.

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Joy Bauer shared her Family Health and Fitness Tips - offering simple changes to make a huge impact.

1. Get moving as a family: Go to a park, ride bikes, or play ball or tag in your front yard.

2. Snack Strategically: Try to leave a 2 hour gap between snacks and meals so your kids are hungry, interested in real food and more apt to taste new things when lunch or dinner rolls around.

3. Make the TV room a no-eating zone! 

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4. Sign your entire family up for a charity walk: It'??s a great way to spend time together, enjoy the outdoors and support a meaningful cause.

5. Give your kids an energizing start with a protein-rich breakfast: Try scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese, a non-fat yogurt with fruit, or apple slices with peanut butter.

6. Set up an obstacle course indoors or outdoors using everyday objects: Time everyone in the family to see who can finish the fastest.

7. Join a team'??softball, swimming, dance, track'??anything goes: You'??ll meet new friends, enjoy fun competition and dedicate more time to getting fit.

8.Whenever you go anywhere as a family, park as far away from the entrance as possible: You'??ll get in plenty of exercise and every little bit helps! And whenever possible, take the stairs.

9. Give produce a starring role in your home.

10. Remember that you don'??t have to spend a lot of money to get physically fit and healthy as a family: It just takes some planning, motivation and creativity

To nominate your school visit: www.HenkelHelps.comfrom August 1 '?? September 16.

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