Keurig Launches Vue


Keurig has been doing some listening. They heard that coffee lovers want some improvements. Last week I was on hand for the launch event in Times Square New York. Keurig went on a listening tour and they came up with three things coffee drinkers crave:

The ability to brew stronger coffee (mama's got to stay awake)
The freedom to drink larger coffee drinks (think travel cups)
The chance to heat things up with a higher temperature setting.

So Keurig came up with the new Vue system that will be available soon. It'll help moms brew coffee at home that suits them perfectly. Hot, strong and extra large--just what we need to keep on our A-game.


Hot, cold and cafe drinks--they are all available. Cafe drinks include lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. The options are amazing. You can size your drink from a 4oz to an 18oz. One other big improvement, the ability to make cafe drinks. The two-step process involves clicking in two cups. The first the dairy portion. The second a coffee drink.


Check out all the Vue Packs here and know that there are more coming.


As for the system, it's easy to use. We're also pleased to share the packaging is recyclable. The #5 cups are not going to fill the landfills. Plus, this brewer is highly intuitive and sleek to look at. We've had ours set up all weekend and have enjoyed being at home barristas.

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