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Kenu Highline iPhone: An Innovative Safety Leash for Your Phone

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There'??s a running joke in our house. By "running joke," I mean that whenever my husband makes it, I want to run him over with a car.

Backstory: I thought I had lost my iPhone once. I went running around the house at 3am (yes, I actually wake up sometimes in a fear that I have lost my iPhone) and yelling '??Help me find it. Where is it? It's lost. No seriously!'?

Of course, it was on the floor next to my bed. I had knocked it off mid-dream cycle.

Now whenever I freak out about misplacing my iPhone'?¦which usually means it's at the bottom of my giant bag and I haven'??t found it yet after rummaging for 15 seconds'?¦my husband runs around waving his hands frantically in the air, yelling '??No seriously! No seriously!'? I love him.

When I was introduced to Highline, I rejoiced. Finally someone is taking my inability to find my phone seriously. Designed by the San Fran-based company Kenu, this is a clever bungee cord for your iPhone. A safety leash, if you will. You plug your iPhone into it and it acts as a safety leash so that you don'??t lose your baby (meaning your iPhone or iPod Touch, Nano or Classic).

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This is how it works: The stainless steel locking mechanism snaps into your iPhone'??s dock with buttons on the side that are easy to pop it out when you want to remove it. But there's really no reason to remove it since the super-strong Kevlar coil easily stretches from five inches to about 30 inches. This means you can chat while being attached to whatever'??your belt loop, purse strap, zipper. And it'??s really lightweight at only 6grams, so there'??s no added weight.

It's great for nights out on the town (how many people lose their phones in cabs because they fall out of their pockets, I ask you), hiking, biking, avoiding theft while traveling, bungee jumping.

And another weight is now lifted. I can find my iPhone. I tether it to the inside of my giant freakishly large bag. Now if I can just tether my husband's sense of humor to a hot air balloon.

Kenu's Highline is available at for $19.95 for everyone else. But Momtrends readers get a cool discount. Just enter the code momtrends in at checkout and get 20% off.

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