Kendall Gelthotics: Shoe Inserts to Lessen Foot Pain


Tired feet? Standing all day or dancing the night away? Whether you are wearing comfortable shoes or four-inch heels, Kendall GelThotics provides extra arch support without affecting the fit of the shoe.


I tried them in my sneakers, casual flats, and heels and they really make a difference. The gel provides a cushion to lesson the evils of the various types of foot pain. With extra arch support, I felt like I could wear some of favorite shoes or boots longer without the discomfort.

Made of pure high-grade silicon, GelThotics are designed to never breakdown and they will not retain moisture or odors as well as make your shoes more comfortable. According to their website, this can effectively "treat the major causes of plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, forefoot pain, and top of foot pain."

Compared to the leading drug store brand and the leading sports brand, Kendall Gelthotics are the only inserts that can be worn with high heels. That sold me! I did feel the extra comfort while wearing in my sneakers, but I noticed the biggest difference when wearing them with heels. As a teacher, I tend to stand on my feet all day. The extra support from Gelthotics is definitely needed.


You can purchase Gelthotics online for $59.99. During the month of January, Kendall Gelthotics is offering a 33% savings and free shipping by using promo code: Google

Kerri G. is a not only a teacher, wife and writer but a full time working mom of three savvy ladies. You can read about her adventures in traveling, fashion and money sense at Raising Three Savvy Ladies.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a pair of Gelthotics for the purpose of review. 

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