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I freely admit to being fascinated with the Kardashians. Whenever I go to the gym, it's my junk TV if choice. It's simply amazing how Kris Jenner has built her family empire. I'm not going to talk family politics (unless you want to do it in comments--then bring 'em on), instead I'm talking business savvy. You've got to had it to Kris, she knows how to market. Be it children, weddings, drinks, clothes, she's tops at making buzz.


The ladies of Moms and the City had a splashy NYC event to help Kris launch her memoir--Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian. Dozen of media mavens gathered to hear Kris share her wisdom.


Keep in mind it was the day after the Kim divorce news broke, but this pro showed up talked fashion and family and mixed and mingled. I see why she is catnip to brands. She spoke about her love affair with Bruce (22 years and counting) and her days starting out as a flight attendant. She captivated the crowd.


We had the chance to ask Kris a question, I wanted to know what her secret is to staying so stylish and photo-ready. Here are Kris's exclusive tips to looking great past 40:

  1. Stick to colors that look great on you. Kris simplifies her wardrobe to sticking to black and white. This makes it much easier to pull together looks.
  2. Get advice. Kris says she lives with a bunch of fierce critics. The "fashion police" call her out when she wears something too young or that doesn't suit her.
  3. Invest in accessories. Great handbags and shoes can take you anywhere.

Kris also made mention of her Kris Jenner Kollection sold on QVC. Thanks Kris for these tips. Now I want to hear what you have to say! Does anyone have any KJK clothing? What do you think of her style?

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