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Every time my daughter asks if she can ride her new Bicycoo Balance Bike, my heart skips a beat. She never had much interest in her tricycle and her Disney Princess Scooter sits in our garage, barely touched. Could it be the hot pink color? Or is she beginning to understand that a bike means independence (Well, someday). Actually, I think it's something she won't admit to me. She feels safe riding her balance bike, unlike the scooter, but, with just the right amount of challenge and fun.

Before we got the Joovy's BicycooBMX, I had never heard of a balance bike. The concept is brilliant. A balance bike is ideal for kids age 3 years and above and, unlike a bike with training wheels, kids learn how to balance while riding. The transition to a big kid bike without training wheels can happen naturally, without fear. Balance bikes don't have pedals; kids straddle the bike and use their feet to scoot along. As the child gains confidence and learns how to balance, they can lift their feet off the ground more and more.

Joovy's balance bike has a lightweight, aluminum frame (the same used for expensive adult bikes), which makes it easy for little kids to maneuver. With durable rubber tires (not plastic like the cheaper balance bikes) and a hand break (so grown up), this is a quality bike that can withstand rough terrain or just rough kids. The seat is adjustable to grow with your child and the bike is available in three fun colors. Of course, we got the hot pink.

Honestly, the fact that my daughter loves her new bike, is a huge relief. My brother will be annoyed at me for sharing this (so let's not tell him), but he never learned to ride a bike. I was worried that I passed down our "chicken" gene. But, look at her go!

Read more about the philosophy behind a balance bike at Joovy and purchase Joovy's BicycooBMX Balance Bike.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. I received a Bicycoo for review purposes. Thank you, Joovy!

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