JewelMint: Kate Bosworth'??s Montly Jewelry Club


Steak of the month club. Cake of the month. Beer of the month. There'??s a month of everything these days. My husband wants to start the bacon of the month club. When I explained he would have to provide bacon for others and not just himself, he declined. He was also sad that he couldn'??t wear a badge and get a bacon gavel. The truth hurts, honey.

jewelmint moonbeam ring

This idea of getting a monthly treat has slowly migrated from foods and beverages into shoes, jewelry, even skincare. There are a few new online groups online that memberships fees every 30 days translate into pair of shoes or piece of jewelry. Another truth be told: I'??m sort of skeptical of spending a fixed rate and getting a monthly item of clothing or an accessory. I guess I feel like no matter the quality, you'??re still paying the same monthly fee.


That'??s why when I was introduced to JewelMint, Kate Bosworth'??s jewelry club, I was skeptical. I stand totally corrected. I ordered a few pieces from the club and I was surprised. My new funky chunky necklace was right on trend and decent quality. The double Moonbeam ring (seen above) fit great. And the art deco bolero--crazy fun. They aren't the Hope Diamond, but this is an easy way to stick to what's hot without spending cool cash.

It works like this. You pay $29.99 and you get credits. Your '??display case'? is based on a quick (and fun) style quiz, and you get to choose items from it once a month. Build up a kitty by skipping November, December and January, then go insane with all the built-up funny money with three pieces in February. Your choice.

Based on JewelMint, I just might start giving some of these "clubs" a try. And honey, much like your bacon, I plan on keeping all of my treasures for myself.

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