Friday Food News: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day


Everyone knows who Jamie Oliver is--the infamous Naked Chef on a crusade for real food in schools and at home. This year, the Jamie Oliver Foundation has announced Food Revolution Day on May 19, 2012.


Food Revolution Day is focused on getting food education back in schools while promoting the importance of eating fresh, local and sustainable food. The foundation has created a platform that enables anyone; chefs, gardeners, food educators, food bloggers, dietitians, schools and companies to set up smaller 'experiences' (or local food events) where they can kick-start a local movement through transferring their skills and knowledge to those in need of a food revolution.

How can you participate?

  • Share Food Revolution Day with your community! Start the conversation about the importance of standing up for real food. Blog, Tweet, Facebook to get the word out, remember hashtags #foodrevolution and #realfood.
  • Host your own local food event! We want to practice what we preach and connect people with skills and knowledge around food to teach those who can use a food revolution. This is the perfect opportunity to host a farmer'??s market tour, a cooking class or tutorial on real food.
  • Host a private dinner party with friends. The aim is to cook with fresh ingredients '?? no processed foods allowed. Sign up and add your dinner to the map and you'??ll receive an event page to invite guests, share your menu and recipes, add photos and videos. We also have a number of celebrities who will be joining in the fun globally including Alyssa Milano, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cody Simpson and more.

Will you participate? What idea speaks the most to you?

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