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Gymnastics fashions leave me a little cold. But I understand the appeal to girls 12 and under. Since we are now doubled down on gymnastics as an after school activity, I of course and on the hunt for the most stylish gear. I can't give the girls genetic help when it comes to being flexible and flippable, but I can give them great gear.

The girls are outfitted in style with a brand from Lululemon for girls called Ivivva Athletica. Ivivva makes dancewear and activewear for girls. All the fashions have technical design and are meant for active girls (yep, that's us) '?? dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters.

ivivva jacket

One of our favorite items is the Routine Jacket. This is a warm-up jacket ($78) with four-way stretch (good for cartwheels). And it's got nifty thumbholes to help keep palms warm. All the technical fabrication is there to make this sturdy and a gym-favorite, but what really stands out is the style.

In addition to the fashions, the brand is making other smart moves. Fans of Disney's Shake it Up--a tween show-- will recognize this special dance inspired collection http://shop.ivivva.com/products/category/disneys-shake-it-upand the blog is packed with inspirational posts like this one on setting exercise goals for the year. Let's all work to create girls that love athletics and being strong. Fashions like this can certainly help.

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