Introducing Smart Style Guide


We've got a terrific new beauty and style destination for This site is for fashion-lovers and beauty buffs who want more fun, informative articles. My latest article for them is titled "Get The Look for Less"--perfect for holiday dressing! The site also posts quick surveys (Are you a spendthrift stylista or a frugal fashionista?) and be sure to check out the product review videos (I'm testing the pearl ceramic dryer) and the tips for looking hot this holiday.

SmartStyleGuide has a team of talented writers including: Audrey (MomGenerations), Whitney (MWS), Erika (, Colleen (ClassyMommy), Vera, (LadyandtheBlog) and many more blogging superstars. With this amount of talent on board, I know this new site is going to generate buzz. I hope you'll find this new resource as valuable as I do!

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Spectrum Brands is sponsoring the series of fashion and beauty posts for the SmartStyleGuide.

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