Introducing Abreva Conceal Patch


About 80 million Americans suffer from cold sores, which can be embarrassing and make you want to hide until it is gone. Especially for women who suffer from cold sores, a survey was done and nearly nine out of 10 women (88%) don'??t feel confident with a cold sore, and 83% worry about what people are thinking

With the winter months coming up and chap lips, cold sores are more common than ever. And finally a breakthrough product that not only hides your sore but treats it at the same time, Abreva Conceal. Abreva Conceal is a new cold sore concealer that hides cold sores in an instant and protects them while they heal. It's a clear non medicated patch that covers your cold sore, providing a smooth surface for you to apply makeup on top. The new micro patch creates a covered, protected environment for your cold sore for up to eight hours!

I had a chance to meet with the new spokesperson for Abreva Conceal, Carmindy a makeup artist from the popular TLC series of "What Not To Wear." She showed us the simple steps it takes to cover up your unwanted visitor. First, clean and dry the area where the patch will go, then peel the applicator tab from the clear backing. Press on Conceal firmly in the center, hold for 15 seconds and then gently pull away the applicator tab at a slight angle. Then '??powder'? with your normal daily makeup regimen. It is that simple!

Check out Carmindy'??s How To Video for more insider beauty tips:

Abreva Conceal is available at nationwide retailers. For more information visit

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