Ink Cards for the Holidays


The holidays are quickly approaching, and for a lot of us that means capturing the 'perfect' image of our families to share it with our loved ones. Of course, that perfect image doesn't always exist where a visit to a photographer can be nightmare. This year, we are going the semi- DIY route by using various pictures that we took throughout the year and placing them a card using the online service and app, Ink Cards.


Through this website, you can customize and mail a unique holiday, birthday, and greeting cards directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android without a trip to the store (or even a postage stamp!). This allows you to pick your photos from facebook, instagram and twitter and use the templates from Ink to create your own unique card or greeting. All you have to do is add your photos, special notes, and other personal touches with just a few clicks. After you finish your card, Ink then sends them out to your online mailing list (the app also helps you set up this stage) and your holiday cards are done without every having to visit the post office!


All of the cards are printed on thick, glossy card stock and they all cost just $1.99 each (including postage!). They also offer a host of gorgeous templates for all holidays and offer graphics and text options for a variety of styles.

Another innovative tool of the app is how their Thoughtfulness Engine checks Facebook to give you a heads up about upcoming birthdays. We'??re not just talking about any birthdays, either. Ink will find the birthday boys and girls that matter most and give you enough notice to surprise them with creative, custom cards.

A quick and fun way to create cards, Ink allows you to streamline this process and pick the best (and probably more realistic) pictures of your family as they create an address book and send out all of your cards right from your phone! It can't get any easier than that!

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