imbeeRadio: Online Music Streaming Just for Kids


I have always loved listening to music. I remember my best friend and I would share headphones, she would have one side in her ear and I would have the other in mine, and listen to our favorite music on the way too and from school. That and art class was always my favorite part of the school day!

My consumption of media was filtered by my parents because they were the ones that purchased it for me. That is not the world we live in today. Everything is a now just a click away. It is hard to filter what your kids are looking at and listening to online. That is where imbeeRadio comes in. I would have loved to have this technology when I was a kid!

What is imbee?

imbeeRadio is the first profanity-free and family friendly music streaming service for kids 8-14.  It is like a mashed-up version of Pandora and Facebook. They have a music library of over 8 million clean songs from artists such as Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, and so much more. Your kids will always find something they like at imbeeRadio, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your kids are listening to music that is age appropriate.


imbeeRadio also works as a social networking site for kids. They have a Shout Wall where they can post messages, photos, and videos with their friends much like Facebook but without the adult content. They can also create their own imbeeGroup with friends or join one of imbee's FanZones so they can become a fan of things they care about like favorite singers or movies.

Is imbee safe?

imbee has security settings and is COPPA compliant. imbee requires identity authentication via a credit card from a parent or a teacher, exactly how the US Post Office verifies identity. Until a parent authorizes a child's account, the child will not have full access to the features on the site. From there, imbee has built-in security settings that allow the parent to set age- appropriate parameters related to the child's online activities.

It is also great as a parent to know that is committed to raising awareness about and preventing cyberbullying.

I would say is best for kids ages 12 and up. Just like any other website your child uses, it is important to monitor your child's activity while they are online.

Try imbeeRadio for free for the first 30 days. After that it is just $4.99 a month.

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