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How to Handle the Holidays with No Stress

Secet Clinical Strength Light & Fresh stress sweat protection

The holidays are HERE, and '??Tis the season to be'?¦ stressed! It seems that spreading holiday cheer can be really more stressful than cheerful.

Secret commissioned a study with HealthyWomen* and found that 36% of women surveyed shared balancing work with seasonal family/home responsibilities was what made them the most stressed this holiday season; closely followed by dieting or worrying about gaining weight (33%) and shopping for gifts (almost 33%).

All that holiday pressure can trigger stress sweat '?? which actually smells worse than other types of sweat! The Secret Clinical Strength line can help protect you from the odor and wetness that'??s caused by stress sweat with its proprietary odor-neutralizing molecules that trap odor and replace it with a fresh scent to keep you smelling clean. This is critical for stress sweat, because the odor is stronger than other causes of sweat (like heat or activity) and attempting to mask it with fragrance can make it smell worse.

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Oprah's Lifeclass Curriculum Contributor and Life Coach, Martha Beck has some tips on how to best handle the holidays so that you can keep the stress sweat at a minimum.

  • Holiday Travel: Visualize your way to a calm travel experience before you'??re en route by '??action priming'? to stop the stress cycle and its byproduct, that awful'??how shall I put this'??odor-dense stress sweat. Take three minutes to visualize all details going smoothly before your trip will help you prepare for high stress moments during the trip and make for a more relaxing experience overall.
  • Holiday Parties/Family Gatherings: YOU can be the force for stress, and the stress sweat that goes with it, or you can bring peace on earth (your corner of earth at least) just with your state of mind! Before walking into your office holiday party or family dinner, try to drop into a state of deep calm and watch how holding that state can actually cause others around you to relax! Now that'??s a gift everyone will love to receive.
  • Hosting: To be the hostess with the most-est, remember people are more important than things. Guests remember your love and attention long after the décor and refreshments, so do your best beforehand, arming yourself'??well, underarming yourself'??with Secret Clinical Strength to prevent stress sweat. Then put the '??things'? out of your mind and focus on creating a memorable occasion for your friends and family.

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*This survey was conducted online in October 2012 by HealthyWomen on behalf of Secret among 1,593 women ages 18 and up. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

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