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Honey, I've Shrunk the ... Classics?


Hello, my name is Brandon. I can be a little sarcastic. I'??m rather caffeinated (naturally'?¦though liquid supplements do help) and I often tell people that I'??m pulpy (and get an odd cocked look in response. Think concentrated, full of content). I'??m an interior designer in this little po-dunk state called California (I do not have the body of a surfer'?¦ sorry ladies).

Oh, and I'??m nervous. Not nervous as in a Mary Catherine Gallagher Put-My-Hands-In-My-Armpits kinda nervous but nervous nonetheless. See, today is my first day here on MomTrends and like any grade-schooler (or college freshman'?¦. I think I was one of eight men in my graduating class; talk about nerves!) there is a whole new set of faces looking down upon on me. I'??d imagine you all in your underwear but I understand there are some 50,000 of you and I'??m not sure I can think of that many kinds of underwear. Not that I'??d admit it anyway. Too much? Get used to it'?¦. If you haven'??t figured it out yet, I can be a little sarcastic and sometimes make it a point to look for the line. Don'??t point it out for me though'?¦. I seem to do just fine on my own.

By the way, I take awhile to get to my point. And yet the wonderful people here still asked me to write for them. Nothing like taking a gamble if you ask me!

Anyway, now that the pleasantries are aside I'??ll get to the down and dirty. There are about a million different directions that I could take these posts and let me tell you, my mind is like a veritable box of ideas. And for some reason my ADD medication does not let me filter let alone stay on target. SQUIRREL! As a result, my first post nearly ended up being an index of three-thousand and one design ideas for dog owners but then I ran across the best children'??s furniture. Ever. And that was the end of that. Now I need a child just so that I can buy THIS children'??s furniture. That'??s all Steve needs to know'?¦ I can'??t even have small dogs because I might want bags to put them in. By bags I mean handbags.

I'm in love! I've got a U-Haul ready... Image copyright Little Nest

I'm in love! I've got a U-Haul ready... Image copyright Little Nest

Where was I? So you know how those little pink plastic Fisher Price chairs are always clashing with the white shag carpeting in your living room? Or how the rickety put together Ikea table covered in yellow chalk and red crayons just doesn'??t look quite right in the dining room? Fear not classic loving parents of eco-stylish children! I have a solution! Excited? Baited Breath? It'??s called Little Nest.

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Self promoted as bringing modern kids chairs inspired by mid-century designs. And no joke, these people bring it! We'??re talking tot-sized replicas of Bertoia Chairs, the Egg Chair, and I kid you not, a tiny Eames Lounge Chair.  I'??m nearly six feet tall but I want a room full of this tiny furniture. Or I would if that didn'??t seem to be a little too Gulliver'??s Travels. I think if I filled my living room with these pieces Steve might call me Godzilla. Though I was known as Bridezilla once'?¦. Still too much? Sorry.

The Mini-E.  Image Copyright LIttle Nest

The Mini-E. Image Copyright LIttle Nest

Ok so the pieces aren'??t frilly and canopied and most aren'??t even pink (though the Yolk chair does come in two shades of pink! You know you'??re sold on it now'?¦.) but seriously, nothing like a design education in the making. Just think'?¦ your tot on the playground, a little bow tie (maybe? Am I just talking about my childhood?) sipping from a juice box discussing the nuances of Juicy Juice versus Motts Apple Juice, segueing into their Play Ball chair and the details of it'??s perfect ovum shape. I see Nobel Peace Prize in their future. Is that Harvard calling?

Nothing like an oversell right? But in all seriousness'?¦we adults get lucky. But why shouldn'??t children get to have a bit of the fun? These pieces might not be much bigger than my shoe but the children will fit right in.

Little Nest '??

The Yolk  Image copyright Little Nest

The Yolk Image copyright Little Nest

Brandon Smith is principal of the San Diego based spatial design company D.Coop. Focusing on sustainable, workable, and budget friendly design, he provides In The Box solutions to Out of the Box questions. Follow him on Twitter @dcoopsd

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