Holiday Wish List for Kids: Momtrends' Writers and Editors Picks


We loved sharing our wish list picks with you last week and now we are excited to share our picks and the items that we want to get our kids. This list is packed with creative and innovative toys as well as a possible trip to Disney! It also looks like the Leap Pad is going to be big this year that made its way on three of our writers picks. Check out their top finds to guide you through your holiday shopping.

Kate Bayless (Writer):

A LeapFrog LeapPad. LeapFrog never fails to create entertaining, educational products that keep kids and parents in mind. I love their new kid-friendly tablet because it offers multiple levels, styles and activities for learning and can be customized to my kids' likes with over 200+ games, stories and activities.


Kickboard Maxi Scooter. We bought the Mini scooters when my sons were 2 and 3 and have never regretted it. Durable, stable, fast and fun-we take them everywhere! With my oldest just passing 5.5 years, he's ready to move up to the Maxi.


Kid Magazines. My kids LOVE getting things in the mail. My Big Backyard, National Geographic For Kids or the new Disney Jr. magazine. My kids are thrilled when the mailbox has something colorful and animal-covered for them.


Alicia Harper (Writer):

Let's Rock! Elmo. This interactive toy is bound to be a hit this season as kids can sing and dance along with everyone's favorite pal from Sesame Street.


Kerri Gristina (Writer):

LeapPad. If I'm lucky enough to get an iPad, I think my girls should have their own educational and user-friendly,LeapPad. We have one and with two girls, one is not enough. In addition to playing games, they love using the built in camera, to create movies and take pictures.

Lalaloopsy Doll. This is all my middle savvy wants for Christmas. It is a cutie in its unique handsewn way. Instead of birthdays, they have sewn on days.


Trip to Disney. My youngest needs to meet Mickey :) We haven't been to Disney with my youngest yet and this is all they are asking for. A vacation is always a great way to bring a family together. Santa is going to need to be real generous this year.


Michelle Spreckels (Writer):

For our three-year-old boy we found an eco friendly, one of a kind, Spaceship and Lift-off Rocket, (Discovery) that is, um, excuse the pun, out of this world! I love its compact, and unique shape, and feel good knowing we're adding a safe, non toxic toy that will encourage his soaring imagination.


Also, it is non-toxic, eco friendly and made from plantation wood! We love this Discoveroo Wooden Racetrack. It is classic, simple and portable! We love that he'll be able to take it with him.

Car Race sml

For our two-year-old daughter we chose the non-tangible route for her big ticket items. She is a November baby and has just received so many things, we could not bear another toy. So we bought her swimming lessons. She is a water baby and loved her initial exposure to both swimming lessons and her many hours spent in Gramma's pool and at our local beach. We chose saf-T-Swim for their reputation, friendly service and clean environment.


With her big brother now in pre school we are enrolling her in a music class where we can spend a little one-on- one time with her. She loves to dance and play, "show time" where she parades around with her "band" and puts on a show for us. A music class seemed the obvious choice. We decided on classes at Music Together.

Mandy Fisher (Writer/Editor):

Disney Tangled Boat Ride Set with Rapunzel and Flynn. I don't know about you, but every girl I know under 10 (and a lot over 10) are in love with Disney's latest princess tale Tangled. This set which includes two characters from the movie and a toy boat, perfect for those magical moments of make believe.


Disney Princess Play Shoes. Who doesn't love dress up? Continue their love of creative play with these adorable shoes featuring six Disney princesses. The heels are only slightly raised so they will get the pleasure of pretending to be super fancy without potentially crushing your toes.


Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush with Metallic Paper. Getting arts and crafts-y is one of my all time favorite things to do, especially with kids. I think Crayola hit the genius button on this one--every child loves to paint and what better way to have them express themselves in a way that is totally mess free? Their excitement with how the brush works is almost as fun to watch as painting is.


Elizabeth Leach (Writer):

Doll High Chair from Land of Nod. I love the vintage style of this metal doll high chair. The simple design will look so much better in my daughter's room than any other I've seen.


Vtech InnoTab and the Princess and Disney Fairies software ($79.99 and $21.99 each for software). This looks like a kids' version of the Apple Ipad and I'm excited for my daughter to play with it. I hope she loves playing with it and learning from it. I think the Princesses and Fairies will help!


Rebecca Kozak (Writer):

iPod Touch. We are getting these for the older kids because they are great for travel. Also, it includes the iPod so that they can listen to their music.


Leap Pad. This a great educational tool for younger kids that makes learning fun and you can get apps to make them feel like an adult and they don't even know they are learning. I'm getting this because my son always wants my iPad and this way he can get the same experience but this is better suited for him.

Angry Birds and Cars 2. The movie (Cars 2) was a big hit and that means my son needs to have all the new cars but they make great stocking stuffers. Angry Birds has become a number one game in my house. I'm glad they have come out with toys and board games because I know my son will love it. It is something fun we do together.


Anna Sandler (Writer):
For my two-year-old who loves cars, the Bruno Racing Car by Playsam from Babesta.


For my six-year-old who loves to build, hand-carved teak blocks from brinca dada.


For my eight-year-old who loves geology, Stones of the World and a Rock Tumbler from The Met Store.


Shannon Carino (Food Editor):

For Ben, my six year old, his wish list highlight is the HotWheels Trio sets--the Stunt Ramp Builder and the Lift & Go Garage. He loves building sets and the Trios are much easier to manipulate than Legos. Those are his special gift from Mama and Daddy.


Faith, my nine-year-old, is proving to be more difficult this year. She wants the rest of the Dear Dumb Diary book series and the Littlest Pet Shop Tree House.


She's also wants anything Hello Kitty, so we're trying to find something fun and unique in that category. I always add in new books, jammies and slippers to their gifts too.

Serena Norr (Managing Editor):

Princess Castle. My older daughter is obsessed with everything Princess. I would love to give her this fun castle complete with separate areas of play for Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.


Baby Layette. It's getting cold out there and to protect my summer baby, I want to get this gorgeous Layette by Ralph Lauren. Not only is the design beautiful it is super cozy and a converts to a jacket, complete with a lined hood.


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