Holiday Decorating Tips for Any Budget


The holidays are expensive! From the gifts to the decor it is no wonder why most of us resolve to spend less in January. To help us have a stylish home for the holidays, design team Bob Pranga and Debi Staron (also know as the Dr. Christmas duo) have shared their simple tips for holidays to inspire - without breaking the bank.

1. If you buy a live Christmas tree, cut off the lowest branches of the tree. This will not only leave you much more room for either your under-tree train or village display, but you can use the branches in a variety of ways. Cut them into smaller "sprigs" to use as a table centerpiece decoration, by adding brightly colored holiday ornaments and some ribbon. Use medium-sized pieces as a hanging door "ornament", also by adding some holiday decorations and some ribbon or one large bow. And you can use longer pieces to add greenery to a doorway or stairway railing, by attaching with floral wire, zip-ties, pipe cleaners or fishing line.

2. For place-settings or gifts for a holiday party, place a single ornament upside-down atop a plastic or glass champagne flute or decorative holiday glass, and finish with a matching bow. Your guest will walk away with a pretty remembrance of your holiday party, and they can add the ornament to their own tree.

3. If you'd like to dress up your existing tree skirt instead of buying a new one, take a piece or two of bright tinsel garland, and place in the shape of a circle just inside the circumference of the tree skirt.

4. If you'd like to change the color scheme on your tree, do it in stages, year by year. If you currently have red and green ornaments and decorations, buy different colored decorations and only replace one color: for instance, remove the red, keep the green, and add gold pieces. The following year you can keep the gold and add silver. So every year your tree will have a slightly different look without having to replace every single ornament.

5. Fabric can fill a tree, especially when you're just starting out a holiday ornament collection and don't have many pieces. You can buy a long piece of fabric and starting at the top of the tree, gather it in a few places as you drape it down to the bottom of the tree. And fabric can double as a tree skirt. Buy a long enough piece of fabric so you can cut a piece to drape under your tree.

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