Holiday Confessions: Parenting Survey Reveals All


Do the holidays stress you out? According to a holiday survey conducted by Yahoo! Shine, you are not alone where results showed that couples are dealing with stress, budget issues and anxiety. While it can be hard to avoid, it is important to remember what the holidays are really all about and to take everything in stride. Here are some of the confessions that I am sure we can all relate to.

Relationship Confessions:

#1 Holiday Spouse Argument: 51% (more than half) of respondents said that money is the leading cause of conflict with their spouses during the holidays

Lying to Avoid His/Her Family: 51% (more than half) of respondents said they have lied to avoid spending time with family during the holidays.

Relatives Affect Your Sex Life: One-in-five respondents report having their sex life negatively affected by visiting relatives during the holidays.

Shopping Confessions:

Difficult People to Shop For: When it comes to finding the right gifts, survey respondents said the most difficult people to shop for are mothers and fathers, followed by significant others.

Kid-Focused:  Men and women both admit to spending the most money on holiday gifts for their kids (more than their spouse!).

Holiday Health Confessions:

Guilty Pleasures: 30% admitted pie is the guilty pleasure of holiday foods.

Drink of Choice: When it comes to booze, women prefer cocktails while men prefer beer and spirits.

New Year'??s Resolutions: 36% of respondents said they resolve to exercise more in 2012; 24% said they would try to lose weight.

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