Hold-on Handles: Chic Stroller Accessories For More than One Kid



Life with two children has its unique set of complications. There is a certain degree of planning and organizing to get from point A to point B as well coordinating whether I will bring a double stroller or have my big kid walk. Since she is three and a half years old, I really try to have her walk as much as possible and since we live in the bustling metropolis of NYC I also have to make sure she doesn't run off when she is walking while I am strolling the baby. I recently had the chance to test out Hold-on Handles, a device created by Greater Than One Kids that is designed to teach children how to stay within arm'??s reach.


Available in three collections (Bizzy Bee, Ocean Odyssey and the soon-to-be released Single Plush Collection), I tested out the Ladybug single handle ($19.99) for a stroll around my neighborhood. Featuring bold prints of red ladybugs and black dots, this chic handle snapped easily on my stroller thanks to its carabiner snaps where I explained to my big kid that she had to place her hand in the handle's circular holder - especially when we were crossing the street. She mentioned that it was 'cute' and we were off. The rope was long enough so that she had enough room to walk freely without being on top of the stroller, which allowed her to be active and jump around on the sidewalk while still being close. Personally, I'm not a fan of harnesses so I really loved that the handles allowed her to be independent while also promoting safety.

Hold-on Handles also feature Double Handle Sets so that 2 children can hold on with the ability to add a third handle as well. Designed for kids 18 months and older, the handles can also be worn on a mom or dad's wrist and they are adjustable for a quick release. The materials are also lead-free and non-toxic so parents don't have to worry if the handles happen to get in their child's mouth. Featuring stylish and whimsical designs, Hold-On Handles are the perfect stroller accessory that will allow you and your kids to feel confident while also promoting safety.

For additional information, please visit: http://greaterthanonekids.com/hold-on-handles

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