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The holidays are known to be a time of excess. Food and drink everywhere and stress is never far behind. Momtrends recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Joshua Riff, Target's Chief Medical Director and a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, shared his healthy holiday snacking tips, workout activities you can do as a family and how to stay sane in a season of excess.

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Eating Well.

1. The holidays aren't about restrictions but if you do indulge you should also balance your meals (as much as possible). Dr. Josh suggests going for the crunchy healthy vegetables first, which is filled with nutrients and water, and then sampling more high-fat foods like cheese.

2. When cooking at home, he also suggests healthy eating like roasting cauliflower and making it into a mash for a healthy snack that even kids will love. Target also offers snacks like their Cherry Lime Twisted Fruit Ropes that are a sweet treat but not high in calories - making for a fun treat over the holidays.


3. When it comes to food, Dr. Josh also mentioned that fresh and whole fruits and vegetables are the best options, which are filling and not high in calories. He also recommends to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, especially to balance alcoholic beverages.

Keep Moving.

4. Since eating is a part of the season, Dr. Josh recommends that families stay active together for at least 15-30 minutes five to six times per week. He stated that people don't need a gym to stay fit and small changes, such as taking the stairs or walking, can make a huge difference.

5. Dr. Josh loves active wear like C9 by Champion apparel for the whole family that is comfortable as you embark on a fitness regime. We love their diverse fashions that includes a line of sports bras, jackets and jogging pants for men, women and children.

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Other Wellness Tips.

6. Winter is also known as the cold and flu season. Dr. Josh recommends that you wash your hands regularly to keep bacteria and viruses away. I always keep some hand sanitizer nearby since riding the subway and playdates are known to be messy!

7. The average person needs about 6-8 hours of sleep. This can be difficult to get as a mom but Dr. Josh suggests we all need to get enough rest to refuel, feel good and protect our bodies from illness.

8. Supplementing with vitamins such as a multivitamin, Vitamin D or Omega-3 fatty acids is recommend but they should never replace real food.

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