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I love granola in yogurts or as a breakfast cereal, but I have quickly learned that not all granola is created equal. Some are fibrous while others are loaded with sugar. Ambrosial Granola, a new granola artisanal company based in Brooklyn is hoping to change the way that families look at granola with their 100% certified organic granola and muesli cereals.

A family owned and operated brand, Ambrosial Granola was created by Anastasia, a new mother in the 80s, who was seeking healthy cereal for her children. Inspired by the delicious foods of the Mediterranean Anastasia crafted her own recipe that is now made with the highest quality ingreidents as well as dedicated to organic manufacturing and wholesome and clean food.

I tried the granola with my family - both on its own and then with milk or yogurt. I loved the rich taste of the oatmeal that was not packed with sugar or oil. The granola is actually rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants, whole grains and fiber that includes 31% to 37% fruits, nuts and seeds without including any oils or unrefined sweeteners. 

Featuring three delicious blends, my family and I really loved Athenian Harvest Muesli that includes Himalayan goji berries and hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds for a hearty crunch. We also loved the Grecian Grove Granola that is packed with ruby red cranberries, raisins, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds and whole grain cereal that provided the perfect level of sweetness and crunchinessthat had me wanting me. They also offer a Venetian Vineyard Granola that was rated the 'Healthiest Cereal 2011' award by Prevention Magazine. This unique blend features a tasty mix of walnuts, cashews, dates and plum raisins as well as flax meal, sesame and sunflower seeds and whole grain cereals to keep you powered throughout the day.

A brand dedicated to wholesome foods, Ambrosial is a family brand that believes in healthy eating and providing our families with the best possible and best tasting foods.

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