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Halloween is a fun, festive and spirited way to enter the holiday season. This Halloween I had the pleasure of celebrating the many accomplishments of Mom on a Mission, a division of the renowned Healthy Child Healthy World nonprofit organization. This incredible organization is committed to informing, educating and inspiring parents to take an active role in their child's health and well being.

Healthy Child Healthy World is dedicated to creating a safer, cleaner and non- toxic environment for every child, in every home by offering effective and affordable alternatives to unhealthy products and practices. For over two decades, Healthy Child Healthy World has lead the country in dispelling myths from everything like what's really in our drinking water to choosing the right baby shampoo. The organization offers invaluable, up- to -date resources, advice and solutions to creating a safer, greener home for you and your family.

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While attending the Halloween party, (held at Stella Mccartney's store in Manhattan's Meatpacking District), children were served Stonyfield organic yogurt, organic juices and filtered water was available by the never ending glass bottle. This left time for me to speak with fellow concerned moms about two of the leading ladies changing our world, one step at a time, author Robyn O' Brien and this year's Mom on a Misson recipient, Tamara Rubin. After our lively discussion, I even had a chance to speak with the lovely Tamara. Talk about inspiration!

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As a mother, advocate and author of the eye-opening book entitled, The Unhealthy Truth,  written after ALL of her children were diagnosed with severe food allergies, Robyn is an active member of Healthy Child Healthy World and brings new meaning to the words, "you are what you eat."Her book discusses the way the food industry has changed over time and how what we eat is as important as ever. The Unhealthy Truth discusses how the manipulation of food is responsible for the alarming increase in food allergies. She points out that what we can do as both consumers and parents to help keep our children healthy and lessen their risk for potential illness.

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Tamara Rubin, 2011 Mom on a Mission award recipient

The 2011 Mom on a Mission Winner, Tamar Rubin of Portland, Oregon, spoke to me passionately about the dangers of lead exposure and possible contamination. All four of her children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning and she has become a leading activist to promote protective policies against the dangers of lead. Two of her four children were poisoned right in her home, discovered soon after routine renovations began on her turn-of-the- century home. She has founded Lead Safe America to educate individuals on the dangers of lead and how to protect you and your loved ones from its irreversible harm. She informed me that it is uncommon for doctors to run the simple blood test on those who do not fit the outdated demographic stereotype of who is at risk for lead poisoning. I was grateful to report that both of our children have been tested and our older (pre-1978) home has been privately tested for lead contaminants. Read more about Tamara's mission at her personal site,

As a active environmentalist, I am committed to knowing what I am feeding my children, how to safely clean my home, and how to give them the best opportunities to grow up in a healthy, clean, and "green" home. Thanks to the resources provided by Healthy Child Healthy World, I have all the information I need, right at my fingertips.

Michelle S. is a SAHM and self-described '??green'? fashionista. She is a NYC woman, turned burbs mama, raising her 2 B'??s in an eco conscious manner. She blogs about natural parenting and green living at Find her on twitter @queentob.

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