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With the holidays season there has been a lot of traveling back and forth via car, train and bus. I love to travel but with kids it can be challenging, stressful and hectic. Momtrends recently learned some fantastic tips from Residence Inn and their team of '??Resident Moms,'? a group of influential bloggers - not to mention some of our personal friends - on how to stress less and have the best holiday season with the kids in tow.

Here are the top 10 '??Residence Moms'? tips for stress-free travel:

Tip One: Soar on flights
Laurie McDermott (LA Examiner and LA Family) :
'??When we'??re flying, I go to the 99 cents store and I buy each kid 5 toys they have never seen before, and then when they get on the airplane they get to pick one out of the bag, and it/s exciting because they'??ve never seen it before and it keeps them busy. I also always wait until everyone gets on before getting on with my kids, so there'??s no extra wait time.'?

Tip Two: Get your children involved in the planning
Joyce Shulman (Macaroni Kid):
'??Involve your kids in as much of trip's planning as possible. Let each child choose at least one favorite, must do activity.'?

Tip Three: Rest your head in a comfortable bed
Laurie Cooper (Clueless Mama):
'??When traveling, the number one thing that appeals to me is a good night'??s sleep. Meaning that I need a comfortable bed to rest my head. It is one of my favorite things about my house, so I feel more at home when the bed measures up to what I'??m used to."

Tip Four: Room to relax (without the kids!)
Colleen Lanin (TravelMamas):
'??When I travel, I look for suites that have a door that closes between the bedroom and the other rooms so I don'??t have to go to bed at 7:30pm at night. It'??s also nice to have a balcony or patio, because then the kids can go to bed and my husband and I can sneak out and have a glass of wine and talk without having to whisper.'?

Tip Five: Compliment your stay with a complimentary breakfast
Sarah Chang (Stroller Ballet):
'??A complimentary hot breakfast is key when traveling with kids. Having organic food options or grocery delivery is great; apples, strawberries, and grapes are great for my daughter.'?

Tip Six: Full size fridge ahead
Shelby Barone (OC Mom):
'??We have to bring a lot of food for food allergies, so we always call ahead to see if there is a refrigerator and microwave in the room, which is helpful. It'??s nice when there is a full freezer and fridge.'?

Tip Seven: Choose hotels that are child-friendly
Carol Cain (NYCityMama):
'??Great hotel experiences I have had are where the staff acknowledges my children. I love it when they treat my children as guests as well.'?

Tip Eight: The inside scoop on where to go, eat, and visit
Andrea Fellman (SavvySassyMoms):
'??It'??s important to plan or find child friendly restaurants in the area. I have always thought that hotels should have sample itineraries when they know families are coming with some great places that other families have enjoyed '?? a great cupcake shop, restaurant suggestions for kids and for date nights '?? the gems of the city. To have it all on one cute little card would be great.'?

Tip Nine: Regroup and recharge in spacious lobbies
Chelsea Skaggs (SomedayI'??llLearn):
'??I love great seating areas in the hotel because when I'??m with my family I like to have our own space to regroup and chat for a few minutes.'?

Tip Ten: Quality first
Jill Seiman (Glamamom):
'??The most memorable trips we'??ve had, and the hotels we'??ve liked, are the ones that have offered good quality all around. Sure you want a nice room and stuff, but when the restaurant is awesome and there'??s a clubhouse where you can grab a great burger it makes all the difference. People like good food and it can make a trip. What differentiates hotels is the service.'?

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