Hang It Up with a Magnetic Wall Strip

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I get giddy about organization. It's not always easy or fun to start a project, but once I get started I'm energized. Finding a cool, new organizational product can inspire me even more to clean up an ignored section of my house.

This week, I have to clean up my desk and I have this new brushed aluminum Magnetic Wall Strip as a reward for my efforts. I'll hang it next to my desk and hang those bills that I have to remember to pay. My desk is in our playroom, so my kids can also hang up their favorite artwork. (My daughter just started making me cards and I get about two a day.)

I chose the Magnetic Wall Strip in the ruler design because my girls can learn a little about measuring as they hang up their masterpieces. I can also use it as a reference when I need to measure something. I also dig the sleek, minimal design.

The Magnetic Wall Strip also comes in a very clever Days of the Week design. Hang up invitations, notes, business cards on the day you need to show up. If you prefer a Magnetic Wall Strip without numbers or the days of the week, you can also get a Magnetic Wall Strip in Plain.

The Magnetic Wall Strip measures 24 inches by 2 inches. Find out more at Ore Originals.


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