Hamster Buggy Bags: No More Tipping Strollers

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How many times has your child hopped out of your umbrella stroller...only to have the weight of your diaper bag tip the whole thing over?

This happens to me all the time...generally at the top of the subway stairs, just as my 3 year old proceeds to make her way down and her older brother prepares to bolt. And always, always at rush hour.

I have taken to wrapping a small exercise wrist/ankle weight around the bottom bars of the stroller...but the weight that it adds isn't really ideal.

The set of Hamster Buggy Bags worked like a dream.

When I first opened the package, I could not, for the life of me, figure out where to attach all the straps. So I passed the buck to my husband who played with them for a while and figured it out. The trouble really was worth it--the set included two large black bags (called hamster because the way they hang off the sides of the stroller reminded the mom-inventor of a hamster's cheek pouches) which hold a tremendous amount and distribute the weight so that the stroller really does not tip!

The directions state the the stroller can be folded with the empty bags still attached, but we were able to fold our stroller with a half full pouch on each side. If I had to remove them to go down the subway stairs, I don't know if I would've bothered to use them a second time. My husband was even able to use the shoulder straps to wear the stroller like a backpack (though you probably shouldn't try that one at home ;)

My only complaint about the Hamster Buggy Bags is that they are so large and, when on an umbrella stroller, are so close to the ground, that it is somewhat hard to find your stuff swimming around in there--so I recommend packing light.

Jessica Kobrin Bernstein is a teacher turned overtired, over-educated SAHM of two. She is NYC born and bred, and is resisting a move to the suburbs with all of her might. She shares parenting rants, recipes and reviews at peekababyny.com. You can also find her on twitter @peekababy on Facebook and on Google+ +peek a baby.

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